Thinking of selling but not sure? We need to talk.

The real estate market right now is hot. The right homes in the right locations are moving quickly.  And that has you thinking about moving up to a new home (at least new to you.) 

But you have a lot of questions. Maybe your unsure about what you can buy. Maybe you are not sure about the cost of fixing up your current home and getting it ready to sell. Perhaps you are not sure which improvements would NEED to be made before selling the home and which would bring the most return. 

If this describes you, let's talk. I don't mean the salesguy sort of talk, I mean the kind where I listen to what you are wanting to do and then offer you my thoughts based on my experience in the real estate market here in Tampa. And specifically in your neighborhood. And most of all about your home.

There won't be any pressure. Just a clear explanation of the Tampa real  estate market and how it affects the sale of your home currently. Let's have a conversation and go over what you are thinking.  

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