Thinking of Relocating to Tampa? 5 Things you NEED to know!

So you are thinking of relocating to Greater Tampa?

GREAT! Tampa is a wonderful place and there are so many options for you to find the perfect home just for your situation. Here are 5 things that people often find surprising when coming here:

1. Tampa is BIGGER than I thought! Yes. While Tampa retains a lot of that "small town feel", (I think some of that comes from the scenic waterfront views and open spaces), it is actually a big metropolitan area with over 3 million people! 

2.. There are so many choices! How do I sort through all of them? This is a common reaction for people moving to the Greater Tampa area. This is where we can help! We are happy to be a resource for you. Let us answer your questions and help you find living arrangements that are perfect for you!

3. Where are the hottest neighborhoods and best communities to live in? The truth is that there is no PERFECT community, but we can direct you to the information so you can find the perfect community for you.

4. I am retiring to Florida, which communities have the amenities that I want? Which communitys have the best golf courses? Which have tennis courts? Which homes are conveniently located to bayfront or waterfront living? These are all questions we can help you answer.

5. What are the differences in taxes between where I am now and Tampa? This is often one of those "good" surprises. Florida currently has no personal income tax! They do have a 6% sales tax currently, but for people relocating from higher taxed states, this definitely adds to the sunshine. While you should definitely check with your accounting professional for exact figures, we are happy to give you an idea of what it costs to live here that will be really helpful!

It all starts with a phone call, text or email. Let's have a conversation today!   

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