SPCA Tampa Bay Helps Animals in Dorian’s Path

    Throughout Labor Day Weekend, SPCA Tampa Bay worked to save animals in Hurricane Dorian’s path.



    SPCA Tampa Bay is always there to help animals when they are in need. When news of a big storm, such as Hurricane Dorian, is announced, animal shelters know they need to be prepared.

    “Every shelter across the state of Florida is trying to figure out either how they’re going to be impacting or how they can help or both,” SPCA Tampa Bay CEO Martha Boden said.

    Over the labor day weekend, the shelter accepted over 40 cats and dogs from Florida’s east coast. Knowing their animals are now safe, the staff at Nassau Humane Society and St. Johns County Government Connection can now feel at ease. The SPCA plans to examine each cat and dog and have them ready for adoption as soon as possible.

    To learn more about the work SPCA Tampa Bay is doing to help animals in Dorian’s path, click here.

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