Snow Tubing in Pasco County? Yes!

The warm climate of Florida is not stopping a company from proposing a seasonal Snow Park on 58 acres in...wait for it...Pasco County! Florida's first snow park would offer 300 foot snow tubing runs for 6 to 12 weeks per year. This is similar to other operations in Georgia and California.

Point Summit, the company behind the new proposed theme park say that the operation is real snow that is man made and that is eco friendly. Their plans look forward to a fall 2019 opening, but does require a permit to operate an amusement park in an agricultural district. There will be a Dec 4 meeting at 6pm to discuss their plans for nearby residents. This will be at Tree Hoppers.

According to plans, the new attraction will require digging a lake on the site for drainage and using the dirt from the lake to build a 40-foot tall snow tubing hill.

Attendance is expected to be a few hundred people at a time, each with tickets and designated times. The operation is expected to employ 50 people on a seasonal basis.

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