Mirada - An Amazing New Home Community with a 15 acre Crystal Lagoon

Mirada -  A New Home Community in Pasco County with a Crystal Lagoon? 

5,000 planned new homes in the $300s located in a unique connected community of the future. Coming soon.

Mirada is one of those places that is easier to envision than to describe. It is pretty easy to get your mind around a new home community with 5,000 homes. 

What is tougher is to visualize is a 15 acre lagoon that is as clear as your swimming pool. Seriously. And it is sustainable. Here is some help to see what the deveolpers of this master planned community see with one of Florida's most unique amenities in an active living community:

Can you picture it?

Imagine kayaking or paddleboarding on a crystal clear lagoon that is as clear as a bottle of bottled water. Picture yourself even on a small sailboat...the lagoon is 15 acres, plenty big enough for that!
Paddle board on Crystal Lagoon

Other Amenities at MIrada in Pasco County

A crystal clear lagoon to recreate on is only one of the amenities. There are many others that will become reality in this master planned community. While the Crystal Lagoon is a major feature of the community, that is just one of many amenities.
The homes available here will be affordable. You really owe it to yourself to explore all that will be availble. 

More information about Mirada and other New Homes in Pasco County

Want more information on homes, pricing, and other information as it becomes available? Please give Team54 a call today. We are happy to give you the latest information and help you see how this master planned community fits in to all of the new homes choices available in Pasco County and the Greater Tampa Bay area. 
Currently there are so many choices available in Pasco County. Did you know that currently over 10,000 new homes are in various stages of construction or planning in the county. While this means that you have more opportunity to find the PERFECT home for you, it also means that you might miss out simply because you were not aware of a home that checked off ALL of your wants. Maybe even a want or two that you did not know you had!
At Team54 we are here to help you make the home buying process EASY and LESS STRESS.  We have the experience to guide you through the process.

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