Brightline High Speed Rail Coming to Tampa Once Miami - Orlando Complete?

Brightline high speed rail service, may be adding Tampa to the stops it makes once the Miami to Orlando route is complete. Currently it has  stops in Miami and West Palm Beach, and the Orlando stop will be completed soon. 

The Florida Department of Transportation received a proposal from Brightline to build a railway connecting Tampa and Orlando. A railway between Tampa and Orlando was proposed back in 2011, but did not happen. 

The new proposal is privately funded and many people are saying that it will relieve congestion on the roads both for year round Floridians and tourists as well. That seems to be a popular idea with many in the Tampa area. Also the idea that this will open up the city to more tourism is attractive. 

The rail line would likely bring with it more development of the area as the potential for more people visiting via rail requires more housing and infrastructure. 

There is a board meeting set for November 28th to consider a high speed rail line between the two cities.

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