Hernando County Schools Considering a 4-Day Week

    A 4-day school week might be in the future for Hernando County Schools.


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    At their informal meeting on July 30th, Superintendent John Stratton introduced the idea of shortening school weeks to 4 days instead of 5. This idea came to mind as a way to save money for the struggling school district. It also would provide a way for teachers to have training opportunities not during class time.

    The board talked about breaking the school weeks down three different ways:
    – Four Day Weeks
    – Four Day Weeks Year Round
    – Four Day Weeks for Students with 5 Day Weeks for Teachers

    All board members were given a packet of preliminary information packet and Superintendent Stratton said they would put together a committee to further research the idea. The board also brought up the idea of doing a small pilot at one school if the community was interested.

    Board members and parents both seem to be split when it comes to the idea of a four day school week. Some see the benefits while others only see it causing more problems.

    Linda Prescott, vice-chair of the Hernando County School Board, showed some interest in the idea stating, “This can work in our favor to the public, saying we are looking at every avenue to save money, so we can move forward with our district.” Although other board members were skeptical, especially when it came to how parents in the county would feel.

    This same division occurred in the parents. Some liked the idea as it would give their children time to complete their homework and still have a full relaxing weekend. Others were worried about finding care for their children and the possible daycare costs.


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