Commercial Fishing in Hernando Beach

It has only been a little more than a month since the Hernando County Commission denied the expansion of commercial fishing into residential canals of Hernando Beach. Now Sport Fisherman's Landing, Inc., has applied for rezoning to allow commercial fish processing just one canal south of the established commercial area. The request, if approved, would allow expanded fishing fleet and commercial fish processing in the Cheeks Creek canal.

Owned by Hernando Beach resident Tommy Evans, Sport Fisherman's Landing, Inc., has been found guilty of code violations in the past for storing fishing related supplies on the parcel in question.

Like previous efforts to expand commercial fishing, this one is generating concern among Hernando Beach residents. Nearby residents have complained to the county that the company is loading iced seafood onto trucks after dark to avoid code enforcement.
The county commission has noted the negative impact of commercial fishing activities encroaching into the residential areas as the main reason for denying previous zoning change requests.

A public workshop will be held sometime in February.

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