Booze Infused Ice Cream at Indian Shores Beach

    This ice cream parlor in the St. Petersburg area serves alcohol-infused ice cream every adult needs to try!

    Located in Indian Shores Beach, Haze Ice Cream is a small ice cream parlor that everyone will love. All of their ice creams are homemade in house and come in many unique flavors. They offer a variety of over 40 flavors, some of which are seasonal, but their most showstopping flavors are for adults only.

    Joining in on the trend, Haze Ice Cream started producing alcohol-infused ice cream. It comes in five flavors including:
    Rum Raisin infused with Dark Rum
    Luck of the Irish infused with Baileys
    Salty Beach infused with Whisky
    Drunk Piggy infused with Bourbon
    Kahlua Almond infused with Kahlua

    Haze Ice Cream also has a selection of 8 dairy-free flavors at their St. Petersburg area location. Some of these include favorites such as Mint Chip, Coconut Cream, Cottom Candy, Banana-Choco, and more.

    If you’re overwhelmed by all the delicious flavors Haze Ice Cream offers, check out their Customers Top 15 on the menu board to see which are the most loved.

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